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Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Tiles

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Peace and quiet has become a scarce commodity, this is where Acoustic Tiles come to the rescue.

The need for undisturbed spaces is greater than ever and the goal is to help you create a sustainable sound environment for a more efficient working and better relaxing area.

Acoustic Tiles come in different sizes, shapes, styles and shades of colored textiles, where different pattern designs provide unique solutions in both modern and classic interiors.

Using different colours and assembling the panels horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you can create numerous pattern combinations.

The Acoustic Tiles effectively absorb sound and tests show that they also significantly improve acoustic. They are an efficient way to reduce echoes  and  reverberation  in  public  spaces.  The  “perforate”  surface of the textile covers allows sound waves to travel into the core (absorption). The three-dimensional section of the acoustic panels prevents the sound waves from bouncing straight back, avoiding unpleasant sound reflections/echoes (diffusion).

This Acoustic Tile range consists of Stilly, Diamante, Uniko and Madison tiles.

Acoustic Tiles Range
Model Description Dimensions Image
STILLY Wall or ceiling assembly
Flat or Pyramid
Modular tiles
440 x 440 x 40mm Acoustic Tiles Images
* DIAMANTE Vertical suspension
Horizontal suspension
Screen partition
Sliding Screen partition
Modular tiles

Single Sided
1185 x 590 x 33mm
Double Sided
1185 x 590 x 38mm

Acoustic Tiles Images
UNIKO False ceiling assembly
Flat or Pyramid
Modular tiles
595 x 595 x 42mm
Uniko 2 depth 62mm
Uniko 4 depth 50mm
Acoustic Tiles Images
MADISON False ceiling assembly
Modular tiles
595 x 595 x 15mm Acoustic Tiles Images
* Diamante tile accessories: Suspension cables / Pedestal / Screen/Sliding Screen partition / Horizontal suspension lighting 
Acoustic Tiles Features:
Help to minimise noise in the workplace
Create a more efficient and relaxing office environment
Ideal for open plan offices and breakout areas
Easy to instal
Wide selection of fabric colours/styles to suit any office interior
100% recyclable; Fire-resistant


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