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Antimicrobial Coating

Antimicrobial Coating

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Antimicrobial Coating For Hard Surfaces And Textiles

Two Antimicrobial Coatings are available, which can be applied to surfaces within the workplace.


Antimicrobial Coatings For Hard Surfaces –

The coating forms a Ca.150-300nm layer and is suitable for:
• Glass
• Ceramics
• Oxidation resistant metals
• Plastics, made from e.g. PMMA, ABS, ECTFE, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PC, PMP, PP, PS, PVC,    SAN or SI
• Varnishes
• Printed cardboards and wrapping

Antimicrobial coatings For Textile Surfaces –

The coating forms a Ca, 100 - 150 nm layer and is suitable for most textiles.

Both coatings have been tested and certified against the pathogens below, and are currently awaiting testing against SARS-Cov2.
The results are expected shortly.

• SARS-Cov1
• Influenza A Virus
• Escherichia Coli (E-coli)
• Clostridiodes Difficile
• Staphyloccocus Aureus
• Salmonella Choleraesuis
• Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
• Listeria monocytogenes
• Kelbsiella pneumoniae
• Escherichia Coli DSM 1576
• Enterococcus Hirae
• Aspergillus Niger

Clients who have already utilised the antimicrobial coatings include FM companies, and various manufacturers, including Airbus

Further details are available by downloading the PDF document, or please contact us for additional information.

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