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BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Locks

BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Locks

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BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ are electronic locks for furniture and lockers, which function entirely without keys, power supplies or RFID transponders.



BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Locks

Designed to enhance the appearance of modern furniture, BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ operate as a combined sophisticated, yet stylish, locking mechanism and handle.

When locked, the handle can be freely rotated left or right, without opening the lock.

To unlock, simply enter the pre-programmed code, (which can be user defined), by rotating the handle left or right and pressing the knob.

BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ can be programmed according to the users specific requirements, to enable use by single or multiple members of staff.

Retrofitting BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ To Existing Furniture
The design of EVO and EVO+ is outwardly identical. However, with the addition of an adaptor, the BeCode EVO can be installed in to the majority of current cylinder locks, making it compatible with most rear located locking mechanisms.

BeCode EVO+ has an additional integrated cam, which fits virtually any standard lock cut-out.

BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ are therefore the perfect choice to upgrade existing lockers or office furniture, from keyed to keyless security, thereby avoiding all the traditional problems associated with lost or forgotten keys.

BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Locks

BeCode EVO and BeCode EVO+ Features Include:
Quick and simple to operate
Keyless system with no need for power supplies or RFID transponders
Long service battery with appx 10,000 cycles or 3 years of average use
No external devices needed for lock programming
Over 1,000,000 user code variations
Compatible with almost all common lock systems
Easy to retrofit to existing furniture or lockers
Administration kit to assist with code management

BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Dimensions

BeCode EVO | BeCode EVO+ Benefits Of Keyless Locking:
Keyless locks provide a problem-free, contemporary solution for increased security, reliability and practicality.
The administration of key based locks often costs a significant amount of time and money, frequently requiring the expense of a professional locksmith.
Keys can be lost, stolen or copied, easily compromising security.
The inconvenience of not gaining access to storage furniture is often considerable.
Even when things go well, the time involved in re-issuing keys, managing key deposits and administering multiple users, is significant.
Unlike a key based solution, keyless technology enables the regular updating of access codes, to ensure security is not compromised.
BeCode keyless lock systems also allow the same code or RFID card to access multiple storage points, therefore reducing the need to carry and possibly loose lots of different keys.
BeCode keyless locking technology provides the most effective solution for authorised users to access secure storage easily and quickly.

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