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Antibacterial Desk Mat

Antibacterial Desk Mat

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The Antibacterial Desk Mat is ideal for environments where numerous people may share a single workstation.

It is impregnated during the moulding process, with a non-toxic, antibacterial additive, which is approved by the FDA and HSE.

The additive is non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-skin sensitising, so completely harmless to humans but deadly to bacteria and superbugs.

The antibacterial agent prevents the bacteria's access to nutrients, meaning that 99.9% of them simply starve and die within 24 hours.

The agent is UV stable, and impervious to UV light.

The result is that the Antibacterial Desk Mat is resistant against the following bacteria:
MRSA / Listeria Moncytogenes / Clostridium Difficile / Staphylococcus Aureus / Salmonella Enteriditis / Klebsiella Pneumoniae / Aspergillus Niger / Pseudomonus Aeruginosa / Bacillus Cereus / Saccharmyces Cerevisiae / Escherichia Coli / Penicillium / urpurogenum

The active ingredient which provides that antibacterial properties has passed British Standards 6250 tests for severe usage, and also has approval from the following organisations:
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) / Health and Safety Executive (HSA) / Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) / NHS: a point three award from the NHS infection control rapid review panel (surface coating category)
BS EN 71.3 Non-toxic and toy safe.

Antibacterial Desk Mat

The Antibacterial Desk Mat provides a bacteria resistant, cushioned work surface, which is ideal for placement over joints in work tops on bench desks.

Moulded in 5mm thick, heavy gauge black polyurethane, it measures 625mm x 465mm, providing a generous working area.

To ensure that the mat stays in place, it features a 20mm deep lip along one of the long edges, and it also has a non-slip finish on the underside.

Available in black as standard, generally available from stock - other colours may be subject to a longer lead time.

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