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We can supply cages for document storage, in all sizes and to meet all requirements, as they provide the ideal solution for secure storage of confidential documentation and other sensitive paperwork.

They enable formation of a secure area, with controlled access, without the need to allocate a room, or structural area of the premises.

With increasing pressure to ensure efficient use of available space, many companies are finding that they can no longer afford to allocate specific offices or store rooms for secure storage of documents and files.

The provision of a cage for document storage, enables a cost effective alternative, offering either a completely freestanding secure storage area, or formation of a document storage cage around structural elements of the existing building.

Our cages for document storage are formed from standard sized modular panels, but these can be adapted where necessary, to meet all requirements.

The finished document cage is therefore totally unique and will be tailored to meet your specific needs, if required.

Following evaluation of your requirements for document storage, we undertake a full site survey, after which detailed technical drawings and costings are prepared.

These are presented for approval, prior to fabrication of the document storage cage, which is then manufactured to the agreed specification.

It is then delivered, assembled and installed in accordance with a pre-agreed program of works, leaving the end users with a secure document storage cage, which is ready for immediate use.

If required, cages for document storage can be fitted-out with an appropriate racking solution, or left completely empty, for clients to install their own shelving or filing systems.

Should your requirements change at any point in the future, the document storage cage can be modified on site to meet your revised needs, or it can be totally dismantled, relocated and reinstalled, once again incorporating any changes that may be necessary.

Typical specifications for cages for document storage are as follows, but they can be adapted or upgraded where necessary:
2" x 2" x 10g Mesh Partitioning
Panels are constructed from 43 x 43 x 1.2 mm (18g) cold rolled angles and 32 x 32 x 0.7mm (22g) cold rolled tee bars, with 50 x 50 x 3mm (10g) weldmesh sheets, spot welded into the framework, supported by 80 x 40 box section Mullion Posts 3mm thick.

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