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The Captive Wall storage wall system enables you to design and create your own perfect working environment.

Creating flexible, ultra-modern workspaces, the Captive Wall storage wall system solves all your storage problems with ease.

Each configuration of units is individually designed, to ensure a perfect fit, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

The Captive Wall storage wall allows you to make the most of the available storage options within your workspace, and can also save you money by creating boundaries formed with storage units, rather than installing additional partitioning.

The design focus of the Captive Wall storage wall system is based around the type of interactions that you need to have at work.

Whether you need space to meet in large groups, the privacy of a one-to-one chat, or the option for quiet space to work alone, the Captive Wall storage wall system will meet you needs and fulfill your storage requirements.

This flexible, space planning solution, can provide you with everything from personal storage lockers, to audiovisual walls for boardrooms or educational environments.

The Captive Wall storage wall system fits anywhere, as the units are designed to fit around pre-existing elements of the building structure, thereby offering you total flexibility.

To ensure harmonisation with all types of workplace environment, the Captive Wall storage wall system is available in a vast choice of finishes, to enable you to create a bold or sympathetic statement, which, when combined with the bespoke unit frontages, offers you almost limitless opportunities to create a truly unique workspace.

Thanks to the ease with which the Captive Wall storage wall system can be dismantled or reconfigured, it is also virtually future-proof, as it will grow and evolve with you, according to your changing needs.

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