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Eden Acoustic Tiles

Eden Acoustic Tiles

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The Eden Acoustic Tiles range offers a flexible solution which provides modern aesthetics with sound reduction that can shield space for shared resources such as printers and storage, providing identity to areas designated to different types of working or departmental boundaries.

The hand crafted nature of the manufacturing allows any shape or size to be created, leaving no limitation to the product, only your imagination. This flexibility is embedded within the product in all forms including size, thickness, shape, fabrics and uses, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements.

With this in mind we have categorised Eden into 3 product solution types, WALL, CEILING and BAFFLE. To stimulate your imagination we have produced a variety of standard options within these solution types. These options are a starting point.

Eden Acoustic Tiles   Eden Acoustic Tiles   Eden Acoustic Tiles   Eden Acoustic Tiles

With limited floor space available in offices empty walls or vertical surfaces can be used to absorb unwanted noise to help staff concentrate. By using Eden WALL tiles, colours, patterns, texture, shape and tessellation can be introduced to otherwise plain and commonly white spaces while providing the dual function of sound absorption. Supplied with simple Velcro fixings which are flexible consider covering not just walls, but cupboard backs, doors, and pillars.

Many office ceilings can be plain and lack colour and consideration. Eden CEILING tiles can be hung from most ceilings or suspended ceiling grids and will absorb unwanted sound while also providing shape, colour and design. Tiles can be fitted at adjustable distances from ceilings providing flexibility and opportunities to overlap creating organic configurations.

A well-planned office can create division between working areas in a creative manner, further enhancing the workplace. Eden BAFFLE can be hung from most ceilings in the portrait or landscape position to fulfil these requirements.

Eden Acoustic Tiles

Eden Acoustic Tiles Features:
Frameless sound absorbing wall tiles
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.55 for 40mm thick and 0.90 for 64mm thick
40mm or 64mm thick tiles
A variety of fabrics available including quilted and textured
Can be manufactured to any shape or size allowing you full adaptability
Wall and ceiling mounting available
5 year manufacturer warranty

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