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Orthomat Office Standing Mat

Orthomat Office Standing Mat

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Orthomat® Office is a durable ‘cushion-surface’ mat designed to make standing at work more comfortable and take the strain off your joints.

While some mats can be too soft, Orthomat® Office has been developed with the perfect balance of underfoot cushioning and essential support.

Health experts around the world are advising us to stand more, and sit less. Standing at work is important for health, but it’s vital that we do it safely and comfortably to reduce the risk of associated musculoskeletal strains and injuries.

Orthomat Office® helps to delay the onset of pain and tiredness that can be experienced from standing on hard surfaces.

The cushioning encourages regular foot movement (even in static positions) as the feet subtly adapt to the mat’s surface, which helps circulation. This subtle movement forces the foot and calf muscles to expand and contract, which activates the Venous Pump, pushing blood back up to the heart, as happens naturally when we walk. This makes standing on Orthomat® Office more comfortable than on a hard surface. Standing in one position on hard surfaces puts extra pressure on the walls of veins making the heart work harder and causing feet to swell; conditions that can lead to pain and physical fatigue/injury. Orthomat® Office effectively helps to reduce the pressure, and ultimately the pain.

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Constructed from durable polyurethane that can withstand all shoes, and in a portable size, making it a convenient addition to any office.

Orthomat® Office Technical Specification:
Size: 50cm x 80cm
Height: 16mm
Weight: 2.1kg

Orthomat® Office Features:
Made from durable polyurethane
Small, practical and portable
Helps reduce muscular/joint strain
Textured underside and bevelled edges to reduce trip hazards
Anti-curl finish - sits flush to the floor

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