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Evo2 Desks And Workstations

Evo2 Desks And Workstations

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DISCONTINUED - See Contrax2 Desks and Workstations or contact us for an alternative.

Evo2 Desks and Workstations create an environment in which people can work and feel comfortable, therefore enhancing the workplace.

Offering aesthetically pleasing solutions, Evo2 Desks and Workstations create soft, flowing working lines.

The elegant leg design of Evo2 Desks and Workstations, incorporates vertical cable management as standard, with the option of horizontal cable management which can be retro-fitted, if required.
Evo 2 Desks - Vertical Cable Management As Standard

Modern workplaces encourage communication, collaboration and team work, so Evo2 Desks and Workstations have been designed to help people interact and exchange information, by creating a wide variety of team settings.

Evo2 Desks And Workstations are available in the following configurations:

Rectangular Desk
Evo2 Desks - Rectangular Desk

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOED08 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 800x800x720mm
MOED10 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 1000x800x720mm
MOED12 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 1200x800x720mm
MOED14 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 1400x800x720mm
MOED16 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 1600x800x720mm
MOED18 Evo2 Rectangular Desk 1800x800x720mm

Wave Desk - Left Or Right Hand (Right Hand Illustrated)
Evo2 Desks - Wave Desk

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOEW12L/R Evo2 Wave Desk 1200x800/1000x720mm
MOEW14L/R Evo2 Wave Desk 1400x800/1000x720mm
MOEW16L/R Evo2 Wave Desk 1600x800/1000x720mm
MOEW18L/R Evo2 Wave Desk 1800x800/1000x720mm

Core Workstation - Left Or Right Hand (Right Hand Illustrated)
Evo2 Desks - Core Workstation

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOEC16L/R Evo2 Core Workstation 1600x1200x720mm
MOEC18L/R Evo2 Core Workstation 1600x1200x720mm

Radial Workstation - Left Or Right Hand (Right Hand Illustrated)
Evo2 Desks - Radial Workstation

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOEW161686 Evo2 Radial Workstation 1600x1600x720mm
MOEW181886 Evo2 Radial Workstation 1800x1800x720mm

Return Desk - Freestanding
Evo2 Desks - Return Desk

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOER10F Evo2 Return Desk - Freestanding 1000x600x720mm
MOER12F Evo2 Return Desk - Freestanding 1200x600x720mm
MOER14F Evo2 Return Desk - Freestanding 1400x600x720mm
MOER16F Evo2 Return Desk - Freestanding 1600x600x720mm

Bow Front Executive Desk
Evo2 Desks - Bow Front Desk

Code: Description: Dimensions: (wxdxh)
MOBFE16 Evo2 Bow Front Executive Desk 1600x800/1000x720mm
MOBFE18 Evo2 Bow Front Executive Desk 1800x800/1000x720mm
MOBFE20 Evo2 Bow Front Executive Desk 2000x800/1000x720mm

120 Degree Delta Workstation
Evo2 Desks - 120 Degree Delta Workstation

Code: Description: Dimensions:
MOE1206 Evo2 120 Degree Delta Workstation
600mm Deep
MOE1208 Evo2 120 Degree Delta Workstation
800mm Deep


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