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Hive One Seating Module | Hive.One Pod

Hive One Seating Module | Hive One Pod

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DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - take a look at Hive Modular Furniture as an alternative.

Hive One Seating Modules are designed to create flexible spaces, for collaboration, communication and concentration.

A versatile system which integrates technology, Hive One Seating Modules enables a multifunctional working environment.

Hive One can be configured to provide seating and work tables for open spaces, semi-private and private spaces, in an infinite number of situations.

Thanks to its excellent acoustic properties, Hive One Seating Modules can create private pods in open areas.

As shown in the images, Hive One can be used with high level back rests to create private spaces for meetings or discussion areas.

A low level version of Hive One is also available to create informal meeting spaces, in a variety of configurations.


Upholstery Fabric Choices For Hive One Seating Module:

Upholstery Fabric Choices For Hive One Seating Module

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