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HotLocker Agile

HotLocker Agile

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HotLocker Agile is a range of highly flexible lockers, providing secure personal storage, within an agile working environment.

Incorporating an advanced electronic locking system, Hotlocker Agile facilitates saving of space and costs, by sharing a single locker amongst many different members of staff.

The advanced control system enables dynamic locker allocation according to requirements at that particular point in time, with users gaining access to the allocated locker via existing RFID enabled key cards.





HotLocker Agile - No Keys Necessary


HotLocker Agile - User Instructions


The HotLocker Agile Control System can be specified from one of a number of options, according to the way in which the lockers will be used.

HotLocker Agile Control System Options:

HotLocker Agile - Solo

HotLocker Agile - Synergy

Synergy Plus
HotLocker Agile - Synergy Plus


To help visualise the incredible variety of colour combinations and locker sizes available, click here, or on the image below, to access the HotLocker Agile Customizer Tool.

HotLocker Agile Configurator


HotLocker Agile Features:
Dynamic locker allocation
Integration with existing access control if required
Wide choice of locker compartment sizes and configurations
Extensive choice of colours for locker doors and carcasses


HotLocker Agile Accessories:
HotLocker Agile Accessories

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