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Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Intelligent Parcel Lockers

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Intelligent Parcel Lockers enable easy sending and receipt of parcels, even when the sender or recipient is unavailable.

Thanks to digital control, the allocation of different sizes of compartments is flexible and based on the respective parcel dimensions.

Parcels are delivered in to a secure locker, from where they can be retrieved by the recipient at a time convenient to them.

Parcels for collection can be securely deposited in a similar manner, at a time convenient for the sender, ready for collection by the service provider.

There is now no need for time-consuming key management, thanks to the intelligent electronic locking and allocation system, with locker access via the app, an electronic key chip, or a PIN number.

The locker management system monitors how frequently each compartment is used, whilst recording the number of available lockers, to ensure that expansion of the system can be planned for and implemented in good time.

Intelligent Parcel Lockers allow you to receive parcels with ease -

Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Parcel Delivery

Parcel is inserted in to locker
On arrival at the delivery location,
access is gained to the allocated locker.

Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Delivery Notification Notification is received
The recipient receives delivery notification
by SMS, e-mail or via the app.
Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Parcel Collection

Collect the parcel
The recipient can now collect the parcel
whenever convenient to them.
They authenticate themself using the
app, a PIN number or electronic key chip.
The locker opens and the parcel
can be removed.


Intelligent Parcel Lockers also allow you to send parcels with ease -

Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Authentication

The user authenticates themself using
the app, a PIN number or using the
electronic key chip on the lockers.

Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Select Parcel Size Select the box size
Select the appropriate parcel size
on the touch display of control unit and a locker of
corresponding size will be allocated automatically.
Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Insert Parcel

Insert the parcel
Deposit the parcel, either sufficiently
franked or bearing a return label,
into the allocated compartment.

Intelligent Parcel Lockers - Parcel Is Collected Parcel is collected
The previously contracted parcel delivery
service collects the parcel for onward shipping.


Intelligent Parcel Lockers - The Concept


Intelligent Parcel Locker Control Units:

5" Control Unit

Intelligent Parcel Lockers With 5 Inch Control Unit
The Control Unit with 5" touch display is a menu-driven control unit for smaller Intelligent Parcel Lockers with up to 8 compartments.
Users can authenticate themselves via the app, an electronic key chip, or personalised PIN number.
Services collecting the parcels can authenticate themselves via their handheld device.
The parcel sender is then notified of parcel collection and delivery via the app, SMS or e-mail.

 ● Full integration of parcel delivery services and other service providers is possible
 ● Integration of several logistics processes within a single installation
 ● Dynamic allocation of parcel boxes (different parcel box sizes per recipient/parcel delivery service)        
 ● Access permissions (Authentication) can be selected (RFID, PIN, Bluetooth, NFC, LEGIC, myRENZ-App etc.)         
 ● Notification function by email, Messenger, SMS or app on delivery/collection of parcels
 ● Optional integration of existing on-site access media (e.g. cards, chip, PIN, electronic key,  transponder etc.)
 ● Small control unit for compact spaces


8" Control Unit

Intelligent Parcel Lockers With 8 Inch Control Unit
The Control Unit with 8" touch display is a menu-driven control unit for Intelligent Parcel Lockers with up to 500 compartments.
This control unit can therefore be used wherever a larger number of users needs to be integrated.
Menu navigation is even more convenient than with the 5" control unit, as alphabetical sorting enables users to be quickly found.
The user is informed by email, SMS or app, as soon as the goods are available to collect.
They then authenticate themself using a PIN, electronic key chip or mobile phone app for collection.

Further benefits over the 5” control unit:   
 ● Ideal for mid-sized and larger Intelligent Parcel Lockers
 ● Individual screen design (optional)
 ● Larger display for enhanced operating convenience


32" Control Unit

Intelligent Parcel Lockers With 32 Inch Control Unit
The Control Unit with 32" touch display has the same features as the 8" version, but with its much larger display, it doubles as a digital information terminal for communications or advertising.
The screen content can be programmed to change at a defined time interval, for informational or promotional purposes.
When touched, the user interface appears, for operation of the system.

Further benefits over the 8” Control Unit:
 ● Digital information terminal
 ● Integration of advertising material if required
 ● Display of messages
 ● Displays can be controlled  individually
 ● 16 times the size of the display


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