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Office Acoustic Problems | Office Privacy Problems

Office Acoustic Problems | Office Privacy Problems

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Allow us to solve your office acoustic problems, and explain how Acoustic Comfort can help you.

Do you find yourself distracted by vocal colleagues?
Are you worried about confidentiality breaches?
Do you often mishear conversations?

Since the 1960s, a desire for greater efficiency and lower costs within the workplace, has resulted in an open plan working environment.

Whilst this has made communication easier and allowed teamwork to flourish, such large office spaces can suffer badly from echo, reverberation and other acoustic problems.

By blending advanced technology with specialist knowledge, this extraneous noise will be effectively controlled.

We guarantee the result will be a more comfortable working environment, that allows employees to concentrate on scheduled tasks, reduces stress and increases productivity.

By creating an improvement in office acoustics, we can:
Reduce noise disruptions
Maintain speech privacy
Improve productivity

Let us improve your office acoustics and enjoy Acoustic Comfort!

We provide managed noise control, that helps eliminate common noise related problems in the workplace; reducing distractions, maintaining privacy and improving clarity.

A short video presentation can be viewed below, or by clicking on the YouTube link, if you experience any problems with the video on this page.

The information is also available as a PDF download below.

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