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Pixel Desktop Power Module

Pixel Desktop Power Module

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The Pixel Desktop Power Module has been designed to meet demand for a small and aesthetically pleasing power and data unit to fit discreetly into a wide range of furniture.

Pixel fits almost flush into a standard 80mm cut out with no need for tools, taking up very little desk space and making it almost unnoticeable.

It accepts more than 8 different plug socket nationalities including UK, Schuko, French, Swiss, Italian and Danish - alternatively it can be fitted with a new Twin USB fast charging socket.

Additionally, Pixel has two data apertures for optional RJ45, USB, Audio or HDMI connectivity.

The unique design complies with BS5733 and the sweeping curves ensure protection against liquid ingress as required by BS6396.

Available in Black or White to suit all spaces, or if a more colourful option is required, Pixel8 Power and Data Module is available in a choice of 8 colours.


Description Data Audio Visual Product Code
1 x UK FUSED socket (Black)     2003131/2003407
1 x UK FUSED socket, 2 x RJ45 (Black) Cat5e ILC+   2367141/2367158
  2m Cat5e   2003100/2366809
  3m Cat5e   2003070/2366816
  5m Cat5e   2366786/2366823
  Cat6 ILC   2366366/2365086
  2m Cat6   2003520/2366830
  3m Cat6   2003438/2366847
  5m Cat6   2366793/2366854
1 x UK FUSED socket, 1 x RJ45, 1 x HDMI (Black) 2m Cat5e 1.8m HDMI 2366298/2366946
  3m Cat5e 3m HDMI 2003612/2366953
  2m Cat6 1.8m HDMI 2366939/2366960
  3m Cat6 3m HDMI 2003193/2366977
1xTUF (Black)     2003261 N/A
1 x TUF, 2 X RJ45 (Black) Cat5e ILC   2367103 N/A
  2m Cat5e   2366700 N/A
  3m Cat5e   2366717 N/A
  5m Cat5e   2366724 N/A
  Cat6 ILC+   2367110 N/A
1 x TUF, 2 x RJ45 (Black) 2m Cat6   2366731 N/A
  3m Cat6   2366748 N/A
  5m Cat6   2366694 N/A
1 x UK FUSED socket (White)     2003254/2003384
1 x UK FUSED socket, 2 x RJ45 (White) Cat5e ILC+   2367165/2367172
  2m Cat5e   2003551/2366861
  3m Cat5e   2003858/2366878
  5m Cat5e   2366762/2366885
  Cat6 ILC   2003704/2367189
  2m Cat6   2365840/2366892
  3m Cat6   2003483/2366908
  5m Cat6   2366779/2366915
1 x UK FUSED socket, 1 x RJ45, 1 x HDMI (White) 2m Cat5e 1.8m HDMI 2364614/2366984
  3m Cat5e 3m HDMI 2365437/2366991
  2m Cat6 1.8m HDMI 2004800/2367004
  3m Cat6 3m HDMI 2365871/2367011
1 x TUF (White)     2003391 N/A
1 x TUF, 2 x RJ45 (White) Cat5e ILC   2367127 N/A
  2m Cat5e   2366663 N/A
  3m Cat5e   2004954 N/A
  5m Cat5e   2366670 N/A
  Cat6 ILC+   2367134 N/A
1 x TUF, 2 x RJ45 (White) 2m Cat6   2366687 N/A
  3m Cat6   2004961 N/A
  5m Cat6   2366694 N/A

Pixel Desktop Power Modules Features:
Stylish organic design ensuring protection against liquid ingress
Fits into a standard 80mm grommet hole without the need for tools
Fits into a surface thickness from 1mm to 40mm
Available in black or white
Available with power sockets from different nationalities
USB charging options
BS6396 compliant (where applicable)
Spare fuse
Colour coded fuse clip

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