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Thynk Soft Seating

Thynk Soft Seating

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Thynk Soft Seating is a range of armchairs and sofa's, which can provide space for personal privacy and reflection, or, alternatively, collaboration and social interaction, in a busy work environment.

When placed in formation to face each other, Thynk Soft Seating creates a compact, semi-private meeting space, with the high back version providing visual and acoustic separation from the surrounding area.

The Thynk range consists of an armchair, two seater sofa and three seater sofa, all of which are available in low back or high back form.

Thynk Soft Seating - High Back And Low Back

Its simple, yet elegant design offers a comfortable and quiet place to relax, even in a busy office environment.

Thynk Soft Seating Console

Constructed with a steel underframe, with cast aluminium legs and hardwood subframe, Thynk Soft Seating is constructed to provide years of trouble-free service, whilst sprung seats, with generous foam cushioning provides users with plenty of comfort.

Thynk chairs and sofa's are produced using the minimum number of materials and component parts, to enable a high level of recyclability, whilst ensuring a long lifespan, which will also satisfy your ethical concerns for the environment.

Thynk Soft Seating Recyclability

With the addition of a link panel and integrated table, Thynk seating modules can be used to create meeting booths suitable for two, four or six people, to gather in a semi-private environment, for interaction and collaboration.

Thynk Soft Seating Booth

Thynk Soft Seating can also be specified with integrated power and data services, so that personal electronic devices can be connected to the local network, or powered/recharged during the course of the meeting.

Thynk Soft Seating - Integrated Power Modules

For ease of delivery and installation, all Thynk Soft Seating is supplied in component form, in sizes that will fit within a standard passenger lift.

Image: Code: Description: Dimensions:
Thynk Soft Seating STK1 Thynk STK1 Armchair Thynk Soft Seating STK1 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK3 Thynk STK3 Two Seater Sofa Thynk Soft Seating STK3 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK5 Thynk STK5 Three Seater Sofa Thynk Soft Seating STK5 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK2 Thynk STK2 High Back
Thynk Soft Seating STK2 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK4 Thynk STK4 High Back
Two Seater Sofa
Thynk Soft Seating STK4 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK6 Thynk STK6 High Back
Three Seater Sofa
Thynk Soft Seating STK6 Dimensions
Thynk Soft Seating STK7 Thynk STK7 Two Seater Booth 2430mm wide x 995mm deep
x 1335mm high
Thynk Soft Seating STK8 Thynk STK8 4 Seater Booth 2430mm wide x 1640mm deep
x1335mm high
Thynk Soft Seating STK9 Thynk STK9 6 Seater Booth 2430mm wide x 2290mm deep
x1335mm high
Thynk Soft Seating STK10 Thynk STK10 2 Seater Console 2286mm wide x 810mm deep
x763mm high
Thynk Soft Seating STK11 Thynk STK11 High Back
2 Seater Console
2286mm wide x 810mm deep
x 1335mm high


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