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RFID Locks For Lockers

RFID Locks For Lockers

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Our RFID Locks For Lockers are self-contained and simple to operate, requiring no external power supply or computer link.

Once programming is complete, simply hold your RFID enabled card in front of the lock, then rotate the handle 90° to open the locker.

To secure the locker once more, simply use the same process in reverse.

Our RFID locks for lockers enable integration with virtually any standard lock cut-out, or retrofitting in to almost any cylinder lock, enabling existing lockers to be quickly and easily updated, to take advantage of any current RFID system.

It should also be noted that our RFID locks for lockers are presently the only ones that will work on metal lockers, as well as wood/MFC construction.

Once programmed, the locks provide a fully customisable system, with the flexibility to grant locker access to individuals, or a number of different user groups.

If required, up to 50 people may be granted access to a single locker, each using their own unique RFID card.

RFID Locks For Lockers

A single RFID card may also be allowed access to as many lockers as required, thereby eliminating the requirement for users to carry multiple keys or cards.

RFID locks for lockers are programmed via an admin card, enabling you to set up, amend or cancel access to each locker, quickly and simply.

The system integrates with most RFID standards and will recognise them independently of each other, providing compatibility with Legic, Mifare, HID, Tagit, plus others.

RFID Locks For Lockers

RFID Locks For Lockers Incorporate The Following Features:
Self-contained locks with no requirement for power or data connection
Simple programming procedure
Configure for individuals or multi-user groups
Configure up to 50 RFID cards per locker
Internal battery providing up to 10,000 cycles
Ideal for most types of lockers, including metal doors and carcasses
Improves security and simplifies access for authorised users
Compatible with all major RFID standards
Works with left or right hand opening locker doors
Customisable lock finishes if required, to match locker colours, or corporate colour scheme

Dimensions Of RFID Locks For Lockers:
RFID Locks For Lockers - Dimensions

Please contact us now for further information on how RFID locks for lockers, will provide improved security, easier access and save the time spent administering traditional key based lockers.

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