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Based on the same principles as an equestrian saddle, the saddle seat, or saddle chair, is mounted on an adjustable gas lift, which in turn is mounted on a chair base with castors, to assist with unrestricted movement whilst in the seated position.

Saddle chairs are typically set around 25-30cm higher than a standard chair, which places the hip joints of the user in to a 135° angle, compared to an angle of 90°, which is typically associated with sitting on a traditional chair.

This increase in height, and subsequent reduction of the hip joint angle, encourages the spine to form its natural 'S' shape, resulting in considerably less stress on the vertebrae and discs in the back.

The resulting balanced position of the upper body, during use of a saddle seat, also reduces tension in the neck, with a reduction in sciatic-type pains.

Saddle chairs also encourage users to sit with knees slightly apart, with feet flat on the ground, thereby improving the circulation of oxygenated blood.

In simple terms, the body's position is more natural and easy to maintain, offering the closest alterative to standing, whilst remaining seated.

For added comfort during prolonged periods of sitting, the saddle chair can also be specified with a choice of three backrests, for added support.

The saddle seat mechanism enables adjustment of the seat angle, plus backrest tilt, together with backrest height, (where fitted).

A wide range of working heights can be achieved via the gas lift height adjustment, with a choice of base styles offering even greater range.

An optional footring can also be specified if needed, according to the required working height of the chair.

The saddle chair can also cope with a variety of floor surfaces within the work environment, by selection of castors suited to either hard of soft flooring.

A range of stools are also available for those needing the maneuverability of a saddle chair, but who prefer a flat seat pad.

Saddle Seat / Saddle Chair Benefits Include:
Encourages optimum hip joint angle of 135 degrees
Helps with formation of a natural 'S' shape in the spine
Reduces stress on the back and neck
Can assist in reduction of sciatic pain
Improves circulation

Saddle Seat / Saddle Chair Options Include:
Backrest with adjustable rake angle
Choice of bases according to required seat height
Choice of castors to work with all flooring types

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