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Snowsound FLAP Acoustic Panels

FLAP Acoustic Panels

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Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panels are more than just sound-absorbing panels - they are design pieces that can be used to create unique compositions and colour combinations, for the ultimate impact, whilst reducing noise levels.

The innovative patented modular system uses Snowsound® technology to combine style with practical acoustic adjustment.

Flap Acoustic Panels feature a rear chrome steel plate connected by an articulated spherical hinge, to a chrome steel arm, that can be mounted directly to a wall or ceiling, or can be used freestanding.

Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panels

The hinges allow for 360° rotation and can incline in any direction to personalise the aesthetic aspects and the acoustic performance of the panels.

The ceiling-mounted frames are made from chrome steel with mobile arms, to which the panels are fitted with articulated hinges - the frames are modular and can be connected together in a parallel line, rotated or inclined, and the configurations can be easily adjusted at any time.

The wall-mounted FLAP sound-absorbing panels can also be supplied with a backlit LED light system.

Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panels

Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panel Features:
Efficient sound absorption thanks to new patented technology
Ultra thin panels - 35 mm thick
Freestanding or wall mounted options
100% recyclable
Easy to position and install
Free from harmful substances (certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100)
Available in a variety of colours
Dimensions: approx: 590mm x 475mm x 440mm x 325mm

Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panels
Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panel Colours:
Snowsound Flap Acoustic Panel Colours

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