Hotbox are on a mission to liberate the workspace, by giving everyone the products they need to set up and define their space anywhere they want, by creating a way of working that’s better for everyone.

Their product range includes Hotbox O, Hotbox 1, Hotbox 2, Hotbox 3 Pro, Hotbox 4, Hotbox Flow and Hotbox Shuttle.

By giving people the freedom to define their workspace on the fly, Hotbox keeps everyone working efficiently, wherever they are.

Genesys Office Furniture supply the full range of Hotbox products, so contact us now for a competitive quotation.


  • Hotbox 1 is ideal for moving personal belongings between office spaces, quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Hotbox 2 provides a personal storage space, which is highly practical, flexible, stylish and portable.
  • Hotbox O provides safety, security and easy portability for personal and workplace belongings.
  • Hotbox 3 Pro is a lightweight, portable, personal storage bag, with a padded interior, plus weatherproof exterior.
  • Hotbox 4 is the most adaptable, portable storage yet, bringing added versatility to lightweight personal organisation.
  • Hotbox Flow allows you to move seamlessly between home, office, cafe and everywhere in between.
  • Hotbox Shuttle is a backpack for the mobile worker or commuting professional, enabling easy movement of belongings.
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