The Acoustic Pod has been designed in response to the growing demand for acoustically isolated meeting and study pods.

These pods are the perfect place for meetings and quiet study and offer greater flexibility than the average conference or small meeting room.

The Acoustic Pod is practical and mobile, and can be moved and repositioned when needed.

Unlike other pods, the #Meet Open and #Closed have frosted glass back panels so they can be positioned in the middle of an open plan office without blocking the flow of light, and are available in 900mm deep to seat 2 people or 1390mm deep to seat 4.

Check out other products in this range, Acoustic Phone Booth | Acoustic Work Pod | Acoustic Twin Work Pod for privacy and focussed working, and Acoustic Meet L for larger meetings.

HUS-BX-011 #Meet Open S, HUS-BX-010 #Meet Open, HUS-BX-017 #Closed, HUS-BX-008 #Closed