The Acoustic Twin Work Pod has been developed to address issues raised by the significant changes in working practices and likely long-term requirement for social distancing in offices.

Acoustic Twin Work Pod is made by two conjoined pods, with a footprint of under 2 square meters.

It will comfortably seat two people, each in their own safe space and each pod includes bench seating, a table top, high quality acoustic cushioning as well as manually adjustable PIR lighting and air-circulation.

The Acoustic Twin Work Pod also comes with 3-pin power, USB and RJ45 sockets, so every requirement is met.

The rear glass wall (available clear or frosted) enhances light in the pod and so eliminates any feeling of confinement experienced in other designs.

Acoustic Twin Work Pod is also moveable with a pallet truck once installed, so you can find the perfect location once assembled.

It’s larger than Acoustic Phone Booth but smaller than Acoustic Work Pod; both ‘halves’ provide the essential amount of space to work — no more, no less.

For teams who need multiple private work areas in their small office, Acoustic Twin Work Pod delivers in its efficient use of space.

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