Acoustic Work Pod provides an individual, secluded workspace, which removes the unavoidable distractions associated with working in an open-plan office.

This enables greater focus and concentration by the user, thanks to the reduction to exterior sound levels, whilst their comfort is maintained by means of integral, dimmable lighting and air circulation.

Internal fittings include a compact desk, (either fixed height or sit-stand with adjustment from 670-1220mm), ideally suited for use with a laptop or other portable devices, together with an integral shelf on the rear wall.

Options including power and data connectivity ensure the occupant can continue to work to maximum efficiency.

The acoustic booth functions perfectly in flexible working environments, as it can be allocated to different users when required, maximising usage, and minimising the time the work pod is standing idle.

The exterior carcass is available in either a light or dark laminate, with the interior panels available in a choice of fabric colours, including two-tone options.

The toughened acoustic glass door is fitted with a high-quality handle and latch, with a frosted anti-collision marking for added safety.

Unlike traditional partitioned meeting rooms, the Acoustic Work Pod has the flexibility to be relocated whenever the need arises. This can be done with the pod still fully assembled, so it is merely a case of disconnecting any power or data services and then moving the pod to its new position using a standard pallet jack.

Other products in our acoustic pod range include the Acoustic PodAcoustic Meet L, Acoustic Twin Work Pod and Acoustic Phone Booth.

HUS-BX-009, HUS-BX-016