Addit Adjustable Monitor Riser range consists of two size options, one with a slide away document holder and the other with storage below the platform.

Both models are made in 5mm thick clear acrylic and have are suitable for monitors up to 15kg.

49.570 Addit Adjustable Monitor Riser not only raises the monitor to the desired level, it also has a built-in, slide away copy holder.

This creates an ‘In-Line’ solution, where documents, books or magazines placed on the copy holder, are at the same reading distance as the monitor itself.

This feature results in less eye fatigue, (due to less re-focusing), and less neck strain.

The 49.550 Addit Adjustable Monitor Riser is height adjustable in five different steps, (15mm per step), from 70mm up to 130mm.

It also has space for keyboard storage below the platform, thereby providing increased desk space when the keyboard is stowed.

An alternative monitor stand from this manufacturer is the Bento Box Monitor Riser.