Advance height adjustable meeting table with barrel shape top has a sturdy, dual electric motor system with an anti-collision safety feature.
It is ideal for smaller meeting rooms or collaboration zones, where the option to stand for meetings helps maintain focus and concentration.
The table surface is electrically adjustable between 640mm and 1300mm, via push-button control panel.

SADVM/B24001000BEE | SADVM/B24001000OAK | SADVM/B24001000WAL | SADVM/B24001000WHI | SADVM/B24001000MAP | WADVM/B24001000BEE | WADVM/B24001000OAK | WADVM/B24001000WAL | WADVM/B24001000WHI | WADVM/B24001000MAP | BADVM/B24001000BEE | BADVM/B24001000OAK | BADVM/B24001000WAL | BADVM/B24001000WHI | BADVM/B24001000MAP