Advance Sit Stand Meeting Table Barrel Shape enables you to choose whether you want to sit or stand for your next meeting.

It is electrically adjustable between 640mm and 1300mm high, via an edge-mounted push-button control panel, which operates dual electric motors, for fast and reliable adjustment, with an anti-collision feature incorporated as standard, to ensure there are no trapped fingers or cables.

For added safety, the dual motor system also features overload protection and thermal protection.

Maximum load capacity of the table is 120kg, with a height adjustment speed of 40mm per second.

Durability of the height adjustment system is assured, with the table having an anticipated operational life of 10,000 cycles at the full rated load capacity.

Advance Sit Stand Meeting Table Barrel Shape is ideal for smaller meeting rooms or collaboration zones, where the flexibility for users to to work either sitting or standing, helps to maintain focus and concentration.

If you prefer a D-End shaped top, take a look at the Advance Sit Stand Meeting Table – D End.

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