Allure Reception Desk is a modular system for creation of attractive reception counters for single or multiple staff, in an extensive variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Counters are available in three heights, in a wide choice of finishes, which can be enhanced with the addition of optional accessories including decorative panels, glass counter tops, and raised glass shelves.

For added practicality and convenience for reception staff, a matching range of storage is available, which includes cupboards, pedestals, shelving and pigeonholes.

 AFHU1B87, AFHU1B107, AFHU1B127, AFHU1B147, AFHU1B167, AFHU1B187, AFHU2B87, AFHU2B107, AFHU2B127, AFHU2B147, AFHU2B167, AFHU2B187, AFHU87, AFHU107, AFHU127, AFHU147, AFHU167, AFHU187, AFHCU1B107, AFHCU1B127, AFHCU1B147, AFHCU2B7, AFHCU2B107, AFHCU2B127, AFHCU2B147, AFHCU1B710, AFHCU1B712, AFHCU1B714, AFHCU2B710, AFHCU2B712, AFHCU2B714, AMHU1B87, AMHU1B107, AMHU1B127, AMHU1B147, AMHU1B167, AMHU1B187, AMHU2B87, AMHU2B107, AMHU2B127, AMHU2B147, AMHU2B167, AMHU2B187, AMHU87, AMHU107, AMHU127, AMHU147, AMHU167, AMHU187, AMHCU1B107, AMHCU1B127, AMHCU1B147, AMHCU2B7, AMHCU2B107, AMHCU2B127, AMHCU2B147, AMHCU1B710, AMHCU1B712, AMHCU1B714, AMHCU2B710, AMHCU2B712, AMHCU2B714, AFHOU49, AFHOU69, AFHOU89, AFHOU109, AFHOU129, AFHOU149, AFHOU169, AFHOU189, AFHOU209, AFHOU49, AMHOU69, AMHOU89, AMHOU109, AMHOU129, AMHOU149, AMHOU169, AMHOU189, AMHOU209, ADHU1B87, ADHU1B107, ADHU1B127, ADHU1B147, ADHU1B167, ADHU1B187, ADHU2B87, ADHU2B107, ADHU2B127, ADHU2B147, ADHU2B167, ADHU2B187, ADHU87, ADHU107, ADHU127, ADHU147, ADHU167, ADHU187, ADHCU1B107, ADHCU1B127, ADHCU1B147, ADHCU2B7, ADHCU2B107, ADHCU2B127, ADHCU2B147, ADHCU1B710, ADHCU1B712, ADHCU1B714, ADHCU2B710, ADHCU2B712, ADHCU2B714, ADDA1B87, ADDA1B107, ADDA1B127, ADDA1B147,
ADDA1B167, ADDA2B87, ADDA2B107, ADDA2B127, ADDA2B147, ADDA2B167, ADDA87, ADDA107, ADDA127, ADDA147, ADDA167, AFHU1B87-G, AFHU1B107-G, AFHU1B127-G, AFHU1B147-G, AFHU1B167-G, AFHU1B187-G, AFHU2B87-G, AFHU2B107-G, AFHU2B127-G, AFHU2B147-G, AFHU2B167-G, AFHU2B187-G, AFHU87-G, AFHU107-G, AFHU127-G, AFHU147-G, AFHU167-G, AFHU187-G, AFHCU1B107-G, AFHCU1B127-G, AFHCU1B147-G, AFHCU2B7-G, AFHCU2B107-G, AFHCU2B127-G, AFHCU2B147-G, AFHCU1B710-G, AFHCU1B712-G, AFHCU1B714-G, AFHCU2B710-G, AFHCU2B712-G, AFHCU2B714-G, AMHU1B87-G, AMHU1B107-G, AMHU1B127-G, AMHU1B147-G, AMHU1B167-G, AMHU1B187-G, AMHU2B87-G, AMHU2B107-G, AMHU2B127-G, AMHU2B147-G, AMHU2B167-G, AMHU2B187-G, AMHU87-G, AMHU107-G, AMHU127-G, AMHU147-G, AMHU167-G, AMHU187-G, AMHCU1B107-G, AMHCU1B127-G, AMHCU1B147-G, AMHCU2B7-G, AMHCU2B107-G, AMHCU2B127-G, AMHCU2B147-G, AMHCU1B710-G, AMHCU1B712-G, AMHCU1B714-G, AMHCU2B710-G, AMHCU2B712-G, AMHCU2B714-G, ADHU1B87-G, ADHU1B104-G, ADHU1B127-G, ADHU1B147-G, ADHU1B167-G, ADHU1B187-G, ADHU2B87-G, ADHU2B104-G, ADHU2B127-G, ADHU2B147-G, ADHU2B167-G, ADHU2B187-G, ADHU87-G, ADHU107-G, ADHU127-G, ADHU147-G, ADHU167-G, ADHU187-G, ADHCU287-G, AMC4, AMC8, AMC10, 2AMC4, 2AMC8, 2AMC10, AMP35, ANMP35, 2AMP35, 2ANMP35, ASU4, ASU6, ASU8, ASU10, ASU12, APHU4, APHU8, APHU12,