The Ara Task Chair is a family of chairs with design clarity and refined performance to ensure the award winning Ara achieves universal appeal.

This chair range offers three back specification options:

A mesh back which has been developed to achieve a soft touch and is designed using materials and assembly techniques which deliver a long and useful life, while facilitating effective recycling. The ergonomic refinement of the mesh comes from its ability to locally deform to the shape of your back to provide superb support over a large contact area.

A polymer back which has a combination of colour choices.

An upholstered seat and back, available in the fabric of your choice.

And because we’re all different shapes & sizes, a height and depth adjustable lumbar pad can be specified to help fine tune the support if needed.

The Ara Task Chair is the first task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle to Cradle accreditation, but this is only the beginning.

Cradle to Cradle sets new standards of environmental accountability and offers an optimistic agenda of how we can manufacture products in a world of increasingly scarce resources.