Artesia Meeting Chairs are minimalistic, practical and comfortable; ideal for meetings, training rooms and breakout areas.

The chairs are available with a wide choice of coloured shells, to blend or contrast with existing decor.

The wire frame can be supplied in chrome, or in a choice of painted finishes, to match the shell.

Artesia Meeting Chairs feature easy ‘click-on’ assembly and they can be stacked up to 20 chairs high on the ground, or up to 50 chairs high on a trolley. (Maximum height 210cm).

The chairs are delivered boxed, to minimise transport costs, but they feature a patented screw-free build method, minimising the assembly time required.

Optional extras include: armrests finished to match the seat shell, padded seat, linking mechanism, removable writing tablet, and a storage trolley.

A fire retardant techno-polymer shell is also available on request, (Class 1M European contract fire retardant) – a minimum order quantity of 20 units applies.

The Artesia Meeting Chair range has European certification UNI EN 16139:2013+AC:2013/EN 1728:2012/EN1022:2018.

110.**/S, 110.**/SB, 110.**/SN, 110.**/S55, 110.**/S14, 110.**/S12, 110.**/S35, 110.**/S98, 110.**/SS, 110.**/SSN, 2008/A, 1210, 1210.10, 330.**(TF), 330.**(E), 330.**(K), 330.**(DK), 331.**(TF), 331.**(E), 331.**(K), 331.**(DK), 1013, 1013.10