Atacama Study Pods function equally well as enclosed study spaces in an educational environment, or in a busy office with flexible working arrangements.

The pods used shared screen components, to minimise costs and installation time, with panels available in a choice of three heights, depending on the level of separation required between users.

Each Atacama pod has a triangular shape, which enables the creation of a zigzag footprint, when inline with other pods, with each user being placed in a zigzag corner.

Work surfaces are designed to allow cabling to pass neatly through a cut-out, and they are configured so it is possible to mount flat screen monitors, or place desk top power modules, within easy reach of pod occupants.

Atacama pods are ideal for staff or students who need everything to hand when whilst working on a focused task, for short periods of time.

Upholstery options are extensive, with many ranges, colours and textures to choose from, including the option to have panels upholstered in different colours above and below the work surface.

The range has proved to be a highly effective solution, which maximises space for the user, whilst occupying a minimum of floor space.

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MP7L-12, MP7L-23, MP7L-32, MP7R-12, MP7R-23, MP7R-32