The Atacama Study Pod provides an ideal solution if your workplace requires pod clusters that can function like hot desk stations.

Each pod has a triangular shape, which allows for the creation of a zigzag footprint when clustered with other Atacama Study Pods, with each user being placed in the resultant zigzag corner.

Work surfaces are designed to allow cabling to pass neatly through a cut-out space, and configured so that its possible to mount flat screen monitors or place desk top service modules within easy reach of occupants and smaller work surfaces mean people are less likely to clutter up the tapered space with personal effects.

The Atacama Study Pod is the ideal pod for workers who need everything to hand when they drop in for a short period of time before moving on.

Modern workspaces are essentially about people and are planned around their activities. The Mirage family of screens has been designed to take this into consideration, providing the necessary tools to zone spaces into different types of environments for users, enabling core, collaborative or privacy zones to be designated within open planned areas. Able to transform chaotic open plan spaces into an oasis of calm, where zones designed for privacy, for collaborative work, and for core activities function together seamlessly. All Mirage screens use high quality materials to create aesthetically pleasing modular pods for employees to work in.

Other products in the Mirage family include: Gobi Study Pod | Sonoran Work Pod | Colorado Meeting Pod | Karakum Meeting Pod | Sahara Meeting Pod.

MP7L-12, MP7L-23, MP7L-32, MP7R-12, MP7R-23, MP7R-32