Away from the Desk (AftD) is an extensive range of upholstered products, created to encourage collaboration and team working.

The diverse collection of product types provides the flexibility to create almost limitless designs, to promote teamwork and interaction between staff members.

Configurations can cater for one, two, four or six people, with even larger and more inclusive layouts created whenever needed, with multiple working height options available, at lounge, table, or cafe height.

High back modules within the Away from the Desk range define areas where a degree of acoustic or visual privacy is desirable, whilst giving due consideration to ergonomic requirements.

Integral worksurfaces can be included where needed, in a variety of shapes and sizes, with further options including power, data and monitor mounting facilities where needed.

As you would expect, upholstery options are extensive, allowing the specifier to create an entirely unique and individual space.

PKT.WH.246. , PKTSBS.WH, AD-01, AD-02, AD-03, AD-03 LC, AD-03 RC, AD-11, AD-12, AD-13, AD-13 LC, AD-13 RC, AD-21, AD-22, AD-23, AD-23 LC, AD-23 RC, AD-23 DC, AD-24, AD-25, AD-25 LC, AD-25 RC, AD-25 DC, AD-31, AD-32, AD-33, AD-33 LC, AD-33 RC, AD-33 DC, AD-41, AD-42, AD-43, AD-43 LC, AD-43 RC, AD-43 DC, AD-52, AD-53, AD-53 LC, AD-53 RC, AD-53 DC, AD-55, AD-56, AD-56 LC, AD-56 RC, AD-56 DC, AD-57 LH, AD-57 RH, AD-58 LH, AD-58 RH, AD-59 LH, AD-59 RH, AD-61 LA, AD-61 RA, AD-62 LC, AD-62 RC, AD-63 LP, AD-63 RP, AD-64 SRO, AD-64 MRO, AD-64 LRO, AD-64 SW, AD-64 LW, AD-64 120, AD-64 HE, AD-67 RE, AD-67 SQ, AD-71, AD-72, AD-81 DS, AD-81 OV, AD-81 GR, AD-81 GT, AD-81 HE120, AD-81 HE90, AD-82 DS, AD-82 OV, AD-85, AD-85 A, AD-85 B, AD-85 C, AD-85 D, AD-86 LH, AD-86 RH, AD-87 C, AD-87 S, AD-88 C1, AD-88 C2, AD-88 C3, AD-88 C4, AD-91 SRO, AD-91 LRO, AD-92, AD-101, AD-102, AD-101 LT, AD-101 RT, AD-102 LT, AD-102 RT, AD-103, AD-104, AD-103 LT, AD-103 RT, AD-104 LT, AD-104 RT