Ballo Stool is just what a multi-purpose stool should be, fun, engaging, and perfect for short-term, active sitting in the home or office, combining functional, innovative design with the playfulness of an exercise ball.

It features a compact central column and lightweight air-filled domes, offering an imaginative take on traditional ball chairs, supporting flexibility and freedom of movement.

Available in a variety of vibrant colours, the Ballo Stool has a dynamic nature that allows it to integrate into a wide range of environments.

It makes movement effortless, while its lightweight design makes it easy to relocate.

Its counterweighted base helps it remain upright for stable movement and easy storage.

The Ballo Stool weighs just 13.5 pounds and is fitted with hand-holds for easy portability, making it the perfect match for any space where short-term sitting and flexibility are priorities.