Bea Meeting Den is part of a range of meeting spaces which enables bespoke design of activity based settings and allows creation of different zones with no need to build walls.

These booths optimise use of existing space and allows visual and acoustic privacy.

Options include upholstered walls, PIR lighting, ventilation, power & data, castors, glass door or glass end walls.

The 6 seat is ideal for a team meeting, while the 2 seat is perfect for those one-to-one chats.

The Bea Meeting Den is constructed using beech and birch timber combined with birch plywood and then covered with a combination of recon-foam (recycled) and a high quality polyurethane foam.

Additional options include upholstering using top-stitch details with the option of a contrasting show thread. The table top is furniture grade birch plywood with HPL face and a lacquered exposed edge detail and the steelwork is powder coated to a gloss black finish.

Similar booths from this manufacturer include Bob Meeting Den, Ben Meeting Den and Bill Meeting Den.

2 seat open, 4 seat open, 6 seat open, 2 seat with end wall, 4 seat with end wall, 6 seat with end wall, 2 seat with half wall, 4 seat with half wall, 6 seat with half wall, 2 seat no roof 1800H, 4 seat no roof 1800H, 6 seat no roof 1800H, 2 seat with glass door, 4 seat with glass door, 6 seat with glass door, 2 seat with glass door + wall, 4 seat with glass door + wall, 6 seat with glass door + wall,