Bea Meeting Den is an enclosed space for two, four, or six people, which is ideal for team collaboration, away from the distractions of an open-plan office.

It is available with various levels of accessibility, from fully open on both sides, to fully enclosed, with upholstered or glass panels.

It is simple to install, with ‘plug-and-play’ connectivity, taking power from a standard wall or floor socket.

2 seat open, 4 seat open, 6 seat open, 2 seat with end wall, 4 seat with end wall, 6 seat with end wall, 2 seat with half wall, 4 seat with half wall, 6 seat with half wall, 2 seat no roof 1800H, 4 seat no roof 1800H, 6 seat no roof 1800H, 2 seat with glass door, 4 seat with glass door, 6 seat with glass door, 2 seat with glass door + wall, 4 seat with glass door + wall, 6 seat with glass door + wall,