The Bill Meeting Den is part of a meeting den family which includes the Bea Meeting Den, Ben Meeting Den and Bob Meeting Den. These dens are highly customisable with options on power, lighting, upholstery and table tops as well as a glass end wall and/or a glass door. Simple to install the Bill Meeting Den is virtually plug and play and are fully (and easily) relocatable, fitted with castors, so they move when you move. A new concept for casual spaces, a great meeting space solution with great acoustics.

The Bill Meeting Den is available with optional motion sensors. Once activated by human movement the lights will stay on for 30 minutes before turning off (provided there is no further movement). The sensor detects movement up to 3m away from the booth, so if the lights are not turning off the sensor is detecting someone. So they turn the lights off when no one is using the den, saving electricity! If you wish this time out period to be shorter please tell us prior to install. PIR’s are a great way to save energy when occasionally forget to turn lights off, but if they are not for you we can swap them out for a traditional light switch at no extra charge.

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