Box-It Modular Seating & Tables are a range of simple, flexible soft seating and tables, in various shapes and sizes, which can be re-configured quickly and easily, to meet the changing demands of informal meeting or breakout areas.

The Box-It Landscape range includes one, two, and three seaters, plus corner seating units, with a choice of feet or optional castors, adding even more versatility to this seating solution.

A wide choice of upholstery options are available, in fabrics and vinyls from most major manufacturers.

BOX 10, BOX 11, BOX 12, BOX 13, BOX 120, BOX 15, BOX T1, BOX T2, BOX T15, BOX 11 SB, BOX 12 SB, BOX 13 SB, BOX 120 SB, BOX11 DB, BOX 12 DB, BOX 13 DB, BOX COR, BOX TEE, BOX 11 HS, BOX 12 HS, BOX 13 HS, BOX COR HS