BuzziBooth is a collection of three acoustic privacy booths, with a standing option and two seated options with high or low panels.

The acoustic office phone booth and workstations recreate privacy in open plan offices, providing the user with a peaceful and quiet space to work in.

BuzziBooth has softly rounded edges, a tilted roof and non-parallel walls, which prevent sound propagation inside the booth.

The semi-enclosed privacy booths are upholstered with acoustic foam, which soaks up sound waves, and are made of sound-insulating felt that dampens sound for private phone calls and focused work.

The booth can be upholstered in a wide choice of fabrics, with the option to combine colours and textures from different ranges.

Other acoustic products from this manufacturer include BuzziHug Booth, BuzziMe Seating, BuzziPuzzle Room Divider and BuzziPuzzle Seating.