BuzziNest Phone Booth is a private space to work and take calls in any open plan space without disturbing others, and most importantly, without being disturbed.

Due to the upholstered exterior and interior fabric panels, BuzziNest Phone Booth effectively dampens sound from every direction to create maximum peace and quiet for everyone in the office, whether you are working inside the booth or out.

It is customizable, choose from a wide range of fabrics, frames, door openings, shelf and table finishes, seating options, and table heights.

The mobile booth can easily fit into an existing space and is supplied with a motion sensor fresh air ventilation system, automatic LED lighting system, main power outlet (230V), and two USBs (A+C).

This compact acoustic privacy booth is all you need to remove distractions and noise from any workplace.

Upholstery is available in a wide choice of fabrics, with the option to combine colours and textures from different ranges.

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