Chroma Power Module provides desktop power when you need it, via its selection of power socket and smart charge ports.

Modules can be supplied with up to five data and media connections, which allows the end user to connect various devices quickly and efficiently.

Interchangeable Multi-Media (IMP) system allows the end user to choose between various multimedia connections and independently change the configuration within their power module using tunnels.

The Chroma Power Module has a flexible clamping system, enabling the module to be mounted at 30 degrees or 60 degrees in relation to the desk surface.

2A0B31A3, 2A0W31A3, 2A0B31A4, 2A0W31A4, 2A0B32A0, 2A0W32A0, 2A0W32A1, 2A0B32A3, 2A0B32A4, 2A0W32A4, 2A0B32A1, 2A0W32A3, 2A0B34A0, 2A0W34A0, 2A0B34A1, 2A0W34A1, 2A0B34A3, 2A0W34A3, 2A0B34A4, 2A0W34A4,