Clara Acoustic Pod is a single person booth which can be specified in a wide range of external finishes, including upholstered, laminate, printed, slatted, cork, moss or Foresso, which is a product manufactured from waste wood.

With noise reducing acoustic panels, Clara Pod creates a secluded space for individual working, or telephone and video calls.

It can be specified with or without integrated seating and compact work surface, according to users requirements.

Clara Acoustic Pod is fitted with integrated LED lighting, which is movement activated, thereby ensuring it is illuminated only when the booth is occupied.

To ensure user comfort, an integrated ceiling mounted air circulation fan operates only whilst the booth is in use.

Integrated power modules can be specified in various configurations, to ensure that users portable equipment remains charged and operational.

Clara Booth is fitted with with a tempered glass door with magnetic seal, whilst the half-glass rear wall ensures a feeling of light and space.

Other acoustic office booths from this manufacture include the Penelope Phone Booth and Penelope Workbooth.