Container Box is a unique, private meeting space, with an industrial look, which is based around the design of a shipping container.

The impressive external design includes many features found on an actual shipping container, including lifting holes and galvanised steel hardware on the door locking mechanism.

All Container Box configurations can be specified with optional integrated LED lighting and power, or the Tech Pack which includes a wall mounted monitor bracket, high level power and HDMI sockets, and Ethernet connection.

Standard exterior colours are red, black or grey (bespoke colour choices are available as an extra cost option) and interior fabric options are extensive, including two-tone upholstery if required.

The booth can be supplied in a number of configurations:
Open – Fully open front and rear, with integrated seating and free-standing table
Part Enclosed – Upholstered rear wall, with integrated seating and table
Fully enclosed – Upholstered rear wall, glazed front wall with glass door, with integrated seating and table
Private Office – Glass front and rear walls, doorway in side wall, optional desk

Other products in this range include the Meeting Box.

Private Office(Enclosed), Fully Enclosed, Part Enclosed, Open