Contour Plastic Power Module provides power, data, USB charging and AV connectivity on the desk top, in a stylish unit.

Options include UK and international power sockets, USB charging with Type A and Type C ports, RJ45 data outlets, plus AV connectivity including HDMI, VGA, and audio.

Contour Plastic features a plastic body, with matching or contrasting facia and end caps.

Module colours can be specified as all black, all white, white housing with black fascia, or white housing with grey fascia.

Cables exit from the back of the module, to run neatly over the desk edge, unless the module has been specified for toolrail mounting, in which case the exit from the bottom of the unit.

For desk top mounting, the Contour Plastic Power Module can either be attached to the edge of the surface using c-clamps, or if there is no suitable edge, an adhesive mount is also available.

A 1m hardwired mains cable with inline GST connector is fitted as standard, so that a mains starter lead of the appropriate length can be added, to enable connection to a standard 13A floor or wall socket.

Contour is also available with an aluminium body if preferred – Contour Metal Power Module.  Or for a module with a more angular design and featuring USB 5A & A+C charging, please see the Linear Power Module.

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