Contrax2 Desks and Workstations form a comprehensive, highly flexible, modular office furniture system, which is available with either panel ends or a cantilever frame.

The range is capable of responding to a variety of office planning requirements, designed to utilise space to the full, which is important when office space is at a premium.

Contrax2 Desks and Workstations maximise the amount of usable work surface, creating a versatile, yet budget friendly, working environment.

MOP2D08, MOP2D10, MOP2D12, MOP2D14, MOP2D16, MOP2D18, MOP2F12L/R, MOP2F14L/R, MOP2F16L/R, MOP2F18L/R, MOP2W12L/R, MOP2W14L/R, MOP2W16L/R, MOP2C16L/R, MOP2C18L/R, MOP2W161686, MOP2W181886, MOP2R10, MOP2R12, MOP2R14, MOP2R14, MOP2BFE16, MOP2BFE18, MOP2BFE20, MOP21206, MOP21208, MOC2D08, MOC2D10, MOC2D12, MOC2D14, MOC2D16, MOC2D18, MOC2F12L/R, MOC2F14L/R, MOC2F16L/R, MOC2F18L/R, MOC2W12L/R, MOC2W14L/R, MOC2W16L/R, MOC2W18L/R, MOC2C16L/R, MOC2C18L/R, MOC2W161686, MOC2W181886, MOC2R10, MOC2R12, MOC2R14, MOC2R16, MOC2BFE16, MOC2BFE18, MOC2BFE20, MOC21206, MOC21208