The Cozone Sofas & Booths range was initially designed with the idea of needing a comfortable collaborative zone for casual meetings, informal presentations and break out areas.

The sleek modern design, with beautiful double stitched seams and angular legs is the perfect addition to any collaborative zone, designed with comfort and simplicity in mind.

Cozone Sofas & Booths provide an informal, semi-private space to work or collaborate and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

The range is comprised of either a single sofa or a joined booth with varying levels of media and power.

The whole Cozone range is perfect for collaborative zones encouraging social interaction in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Solo COZ01A, Solo COZ02A, Solo COZ03A, Team COZ01B, Team COZ02B, Team COZ03B, Team Integrate COZO1C, Team Integrate COZO2C, Team Integrate COZO3C, Team Media COZO1D, Team Media COZO2D, Team Media COZO3D