Cubbi Acoustic Enclosures are a range of free-standing, sound absorbing modules, with cable management facilities, which provide the users with an enclosed space, offering privacy and reduced noise levels.

They are designed to assist those who require either a short period of time, in which to focus their concentration, or for a complete day of intensive work.

Cubbi Acoustic Enclosures are available in two varieties:
Cubbi Bench is for shorter periods of work and can be utilised as a phone or video conference booth

SCE1A1 – Left, SCE1A4 – Right, (Left Pictured), SCE1A2, SCE1A3, SCE1A5, SCE1B1 – Left, SCE1B4 – Right, (Right Pictured), SCE1B2, SCE1B3, SCE1B5, SCE2A1 – Left, SCE2A4 – Right, (Right Pictured), SCE2A2, SCE2A3, SCE2A5, SCE2B1 – Left, SCE2B4 – Right, (Left Pictured), SCE2B2, SCE2B3, SCE2B5