Den Dining can be used as a single meeting or dining booth, or as part of a larger configuration.

It creates secluded spaces within larger open-plan areas.

Den’s modular design ensures an economical construction, which can be easily extended and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

The economical construction of the Den Dining booth uses a unique junction design to share its components.

In all open plan work areas there is often a need to find your own private space, Den Dining allows for just this.

The flexible Den Dining range can be set up as an individual booth, side by side, back to back or with a canopy.

DEN/s/11, , DEN/S/15, DEN/S/18, DUE2M182012L, DUE4M182016L, DUE6M182019L, UN2M152012, DUN4M152016, DUN6M152019, DUN2M132012, DUN4M132016, DUN6M132019, FCRB90S, CRC90, FCRE90, FCRH90S, NSTV1, NPUT1,