Deski Mobile Workbay functions as a conventional armchair and mini workstation designed with the modern-day worker in mind. for carrying out individual and collaborative tasks.

The need and desire for complete flexibility in the workplace, is a prominent driver for those curating spaces nowadays, with Deski fitting seamlessly with their requirements.

Deski Mobile Workbay is flexible in both its mobility and its usage as it is mounted as standard on swivel brake castors, enabling easy movement around the workspace.

Optional wireless charging facilities are available, increasing the time an employee can be away from the desk.

A fixed and robust arm is fully integrated into the model, large enough to support a standard sized tablet (to engage with the tablet arm, the user simply has to rotate in their position, increasing comfort and practicality).

Deski is at home in any workspace, whether for impromptu meetings, or for conducting private individual tasks away from the desk in a more comfortable environment.