Deski Mobile Workbay combines the functions of a conventional armchair and mini workstation, which is ideal for completing individual working, or collaboration with colleagues, when a number of Deski units are combined in a group.

Deski is available as either a low back or high back module.

The high back version features screens on two sides, to provide a degree of isolation from surrounding noise and distractions.

For maximum comfort and practicality, the compact work surface position enables the user to place themself so the surface is positioned either in front of them, or off to one side.

The work surface, whilst compact, is still sufficiently large to support a standard sized tablet or small laptop.

To ensure ease of mobility, Deski Mobile Workbay is fitted with locking castors, so it can be easily relocated whenever necessary.

Optional charging facilities ensure portable devices can remain ready for use.

Fabric choices are extensive, and include the option to specify two-tone upholstery if required.