Ditch Recycling Bin is constructed of high quality steel, in a white textured epoxy coat finish, in a design that is ideal for contemporary commercial interiors and public spaces.

It has three or four compartments: for plastic, paper, non-recyclable waste or cups, with all compartments having a removable plastic liner.

The waste separation system can be accessorised with wheels and a flap for the non-recyclable waste compartment.

Ditch Recycling Bin can be personalised through the division of the bins and the use of different pictograms.

Six optional bin colours are available if required: black, light blue, dark blue, dark green, red or yellow.

Further options include a lid for the circular aperture bin, and a castor set for easy mobility.

Ditch 3A, Ditch 3B, Ditch 4A, Ditch 4B