EasyClamp Cable Management is a minimalist yet effective modular horizontal system that is a perfect companion for under desk power modules.

The key strength of EasyClamp is the simplicity with which it achieves the management of power and data below the desk top and is perfect for mounting power modules under table top access ports.

It is a great solution for open backed desks and small meeting tables where a conventional suspended cable tray would be visually intrusive.

Where required, it can be combined with the Pathfinder Cable Management or Cable Snake CUBE for a complete floor to desk top cable management solution.

The core component of EasyClamp is a solid aluminium mounting rail to which plastic mounting clips for power modules, laptop power supplies and cables can be attached.

The aluminium mounting rail is available in 400mm modular sections or as a fixed 1000mm rail.

Clamp mounting clips for Power modules, power/ data cables and IT accessories can be securely attached to the EasyClamp rail by simply locating and clipping in place.