The Elite+ Under Desk Power Module is made of molded plastic, so combines functionality with value for money, making it ideal in all situations where affordability is crucial.

Its is available in a range of standard configurations, as detailed below and has been independently tested to BS5733.

The Elite+ Under Desk Power Module is supplied with a 3 pin connector, so that a power lead of the appropriate length can be added, thereby avoiding the need to leave excess cables coiled below desks.

All sockets have integral fuses, with a choice of fuse ratings to comply with BS 6396:2008.

All Elite+ Under Desk Power Modules are fitted with an external earth lead with M5 ring terminal, for earth bonding to metal framed furniture, in accordance with BS 6396:2008 where relevant.

92K005GST, 92K011GST, 92K006GST, 92K012GST, 92K007GST, 92K013GST, 92K002GST, 92K008GST, 92K004GST, 92K010GST, 92K003GST, 92K009GST, 92K001GST