The Era Task Chair is part of a range designed to be not bulky, light but very stable, recognisable but very versatile.

Mesh, upholstered and upholstered with a rear panel back with 4 legged bases available.

Era Task Chair is available with a black or light grey base & frame and the seat upholstery can be in a wide range of fabrics.

If the challenge is to create a unified look within the your space, the task chair matches perfectly with the Era Work Lite Chair and Era Meeting Chair ranges.

The Era Task Chair represents excellent value for money and is available on a quick lead time for projects on a fast turnaround.

ERAM1 (black), ERAM1G (grey, )ERAUP1 (black), ERAUP1G (grey), ERAUPR1 (black), ERAUPR1G (grey)