The Evolution Bench range offers a selection of Boardroom Tables and Managers Desks, to keep continuity throughout the office.

Breathe life into your office space with the natural texture of the Evolution Oak finish, combined with fresh colours to create a truly uplifting atmosphere.

Storage is available with an Oak handle to enhance the overall natural impression.

Create a statement with colour, Evolution Bench range is available in 21 RAL colour finishes to allow a little creativity in your working environment.

Evolution Bench and the Evolve table range work together to provide an extensive offering of bench desks and tables.

Desktops are supplied with a desktop scoop and a choice of fixed or sliding frames.

For seating to complement the Evolution Bench range, see Evolve Stools.

EB2R-1016, EB2R-1216, EB2R-1416, EB2R-1616, EB2R-1816, EB2R-2016, EBE2R-1016, EBE2R-1216, EBE2R-1416, EBE2R-1616, EBE2R-1816, EBE2R-2016, BE2R-1016, BE2R-1216, BE2R-1416, BE2R-1616, BE2R-1816, BE2R-2016, EB2R-1012, EB2R-1212, EB2R-1412, EB2R-1612, EB2R-1812, EB2R-2012, EBE2R-1012, EBE2R-1212, EBE2R-1412, EBE2R-1612, EBE2R-1812, EBE2R-2012, BE2R-1012, BE2R-1212, BE2R-1412, BE2R-1612, BE2R-1812, BE2R-2012, EBU1016, EBU1216, EBU1416, EBU1616, EBU1816, EBU2016, EBUE1016, EBUE1216, EBUE1416, EBUE1616, EBUE1816, EBUE2016, BUE1016, BUE1216, BUE1416, BUE1616, BUE1816, BUE2016, EBU108, EBU128, EBU148, EBU168, EBU188, EBU208, EBUE108, EBUE128, EBUE148, EBUE168, EBUE188, EBUE208, BUE108, BUE128, BUE148, BUE168, BUE188, BUE208, BTVDU10S, BTVDU12S, BTVDU14S, BTVDU16S, BTVDU18S, BTVDU20S, BTW10S, BTW12S, BTW14S, BTW16S, BTW18S, BTW20S, BTDW12S, BTDW14S, BTDW16S, BTDW18S, BTDW20S, EBU1012, EBU1212, EBU1412, EBU1612, EBU1812, EBU2012, EBUE1012, EBUE1212, EBUE1412, EBUE1612, EBUE1812, EBUE2012, BUE1012, BUE1212, BUE1412, BUE1612, BUE1812, BUE2012, EBU106, EBU126, EBU146, EBU166, EBU186, EBU206, EBUE106, EBUE126, EBUE146, EBUE166, EBUE186, EBUE206, BUE106, BUE126, BUE146, BUE166, BUE186, BUE206, BTVDU106S, BTVDU126S, BTVDU146S, BTVDU166S, BTVDU186S, BTVDU206S, BTW106S, BTW126S, BTW146S, BTW166S, BTW186S, BTW206S