Evolution Bench provides all the functionality of a traditional bench desk system, with fixed or sliding tops, a complete cable management solution, and a variety of desktop shapes, combined with a choice of leg finishes, in natural oak, or a selection of 21 RAL colours.

It is available in double-sided configurations with a total depth of 1200mm or 1600mm, or single-sided configurations with a depth of 600mm or 800mm.

The individual desk tops are available in traditional rectangular shape, wave shape with a flared left or right hand end providing greater depth, or a double wave, with both ends flared for additional depth.

Desk tops can also be specified in lengths of 1000mm to 2000mm, which enables the configuration of desks of almost unlimited size and capacity.

Where required, 120 degree tops are also available for the creation of clusters of workstations.

Desk tops are supplied with a scoop cut-out in the rear edge, to facilitate access to the central, under desk cable management tray, which can be further enhanced with the use of sliding frames, enabling the desk tops to be moved outwards and away from the centre of the desk.

To complete the range, a selection of matching boardroom tables and managers desks, enables continuity of your chosen colour scheme throughout offices and meeting spaces.

Other products to complement the Evolution Bench range include – Evolve Stools, Evolve Storage Units, Evolve Breakout & Meeting Tables, Evolve Boardroom Tables and Evolve Colours Breakout & Meeting Tables.

EB2R-1016, EB2R-1216, EB2R-1416, EB2R-1616, EB2R-1816, EB2R-2016, EBE2R-1016, EBE2R-1216, EBE2R-1416, EBE2R-1616, EBE2R-1816, EBE2R-2016, BE2R-1016, BE2R-1216, BE2R-1416, BE2R-1616, BE2R-1816, BE2R-2016, EB2R-1012, EB2R-1212, EB2R-1412, EB2R-1612, EB2R-1812, EB2R-2012, EBE2R-1012, EBE2R-1212, EBE2R-1412, EBE2R-1612, EBE2R-1812, EBE2R-2012, BE2R-1012, BE2R-1212, BE2R-1412, BE2R-1612, BE2R-1812, BE2R-2012, EBU1016, EBU1216, EBU1416, EBU1616, EBU1816, EBU2016, EBUE1016, EBUE1216, EBUE1416, EBUE1616, EBUE1816, EBUE2016, BUE1016, BUE1216, BUE1416, BUE1616, BUE1816, BUE2016, EBU108, EBU128, EBU148, EBU168, EBU188, EBU208, EBUE108, EBUE128, EBUE148, EBUE168, EBUE188, EBUE208, BUE108, BUE128, BUE148, BUE168, BUE188, BUE208, BTVDU10S, BTVDU12S, BTVDU14S, BTVDU16S, BTVDU18S, BTVDU20S, BTW10S, BTW12S, BTW14S, BTW16S, BTW18S, BTW20S, BTDW12S, BTDW14S, BTDW16S, BTDW18S, BTDW20S, EBU1012, EBU1212, EBU1412, EBU1612, EBU1812, EBU2012, EBUE1012, EBUE1212, EBUE1412, EBUE1612, EBUE1812, EBUE2012, BUE1012, BUE1212, BUE1412, BUE1612, BUE1812, BUE2012, EBU106, EBU126, EBU146, EBU166, EBU186, EBU206, EBUE106, EBUE126, EBUE146, EBUE166, EBUE186, EBUE206, BUE106, BUE126, BUE146, BUE166, BUE186, BUE206, BTVDU106S, BTVDU126S, BTVDU146S, BTVDU166S, BTVDU186S, BTVDU206S, BTW106S, BTW126S, BTW146S, BTW166S, BTW186S, EBRS6,EBRS8,EBRS10,EBRS12,EBRD6,EBRD8,EBRD10,EBRD12,EBVDU12308, EBVDU16308,EBVDU12306,EBVDU16306,EBSPW1616,EBSPW1816,EBS[W2016,EBMP20,EBMP18,EBMP16,EBMP14,EBMP12,EBMP10,EBSC38,EBSC38S,EBSC36,EBSC36S, EBSEC38,EBSEC38S,EBSEC36,EBSEC36S, EBSESC38,EBSESC38S,EBSESC36,EBSESC36S, BDCMT120,BTW206S